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women NaturalMaxim just named Lindsay its #1 hottest woman for 2007. And then she got arrested for a DUI, but only after she fled the scene. Though she hasn't shaved her head yet, I think we all know where this is going. In between showing us her shaved naughty parts?classy?and being caught on camera in some compromising drug-related situations, Lindsay has also gotten fired from a movie role or two and had the sponsorship of her birthday revoked. At this point, we can only assume that there is a mind-control device implanted in Lindsay's head, and that is what is causing her to sabotage her career and speed towards her expiration da! te. Either that, or she's like Marty McFly, and there's some B! iff-esqu e cretin out there calling her chicken if she doesn't show up drunk to her cousin Esther's Bat Mitzvah. And nobody calls Lindsay a chicken. Nobody.

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